Elissa K. Aspuria LMT

Growing up as a Kitsap local on my small family farm, I developed an innate appreciation of the natural processes of this world. As a small child I started to realize the importance of touch, whenever my mom would come home from a day of work I would , unprompted, start giving her massage. Even though I had no idea what a massage was at this time, all i knew was that i was helping my mom to feel better and recover from her day, which is why i did it.

Fast forward to High School, I started taking dance and yoga classes religiously and that fueled my passion for community and the human body. After High School I had no idea what direction I wanted my life to take, I was working for a great company at the time, but I knew I wanted more. It wasn't until I had a Massage Therapist friend ask me if I had any formal Massage training after rubbing her arm. I smiled and said " no, just the occasional massages for my mom when I was younger." And what she said after that changed the direction of my life forever. She said " you should seriously consider it, you have the touch for it." These words resonated me so deeply I knew that it was at least  worth looking into.

After going on a school tour at Alexanders School of Natural Therapeutics I knew that massage therapy was the right choice for me. I graduated Massage School In August 2019 with 722 hours of schooling including over 150 hours of hands on massage in their student clinic. As a new massage therapist I am excited to start my career in bodywork so I may facilitate other people's healing. I enjoy using a combination of massage modalities that allows for relaxation while also affecting soft tissue injuries and realigning the musculature of the body. My goal as a practitioner is to help others feel more embodied within themselves so they may have a better relationship with their bodies and the world around them.