Advanced Bodywork Therapy Inc
Board Certified Massage Therapist

Antonio Rushing LMT

I grew up near nature, near perfect Spokane Wa. Living with my parents, who took care of my grandma while my grandpa worked. My grandparents cultivated my healing touch. Some of my greatest memories are sitting on my grandma's rocking chair giving hands on relief to her neck and shoulders from her oxygen machine she lifted throughout the day.

I learned a respect for service, community and others while I was in a program for youth started  by the Spokane Marine Corps League, Spokane Lilac City Young Marine. 

I graduated North Central High School, class of 2005. With so many opportunities after graduation, I honestly didn't know what to do. So I turned to working, I started a career in the warehouse industry. In 2012 I relocated for more warehouse work to Western Wa. This career however, left me feeling unhappy, hurting and emotionally drained. So I did some soul searching and remembered my grandma and her encouraging words " You should do something with your hands." She was planting a seed all those years ago to try my hands at helping heal. So I chose to enroll in Massage School, attending Cortiva Institute In Seattle.  I graduated from the 1000 hour program in 2015. 

My first year out of school working as a therapist in Bremerton Wa,  I was voted Best Massage Therapist 2016. This accomplishment told me I was finally doing what I am meant to do.

My massage approach is a Deep Tissue., Myofascial Structural Release. I want my clients to feel like the body is one fluid machine. My continuing education has been focused around gaining better knowledge and techniques for Myofascial , Deep Tissue and Structural Integration. I believe life is service and service is life. By tailoring my techniques to the specific needs of the body, I will be providing the service it wants and needs. To bring quality of life back to the body.

Due to the high volume of patient inquiries, you can reach me directly.

My direct number : (509)-499-8717

You can text the number above for questions regarding my work and next session availability.